Aaron Rodgers sent a Falcons DB into an epic flop with a flick of his arm

BY Dan Graf • January 22, 2017

Flopping is usually reserved for NBA players, but Atlanta Falcons defensive back Robert Alford pulled off a doozie late in Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

With just under 7 minutes left and the Green Bay Packers driving in a futile attempt to make the final score respectable, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers scrambled right for 17 yards to the Falcons 3 and attempted to stiff arm Alford to get into the end zone.

Rodgers ended up ripping off Alford’s helmet by the facemask, so the ensuing penalty call was obvious. Not so obvious was what Rodgers did to send Alford flying after the two popped up from the turf. Green Bay’s quarterback delivered a you-ain’t-so-tough-even-though-we’re-losing-by-29 arm nudge to the DB when he walked past him, and Alford – not yet realizing he’d already drawn a penalty on Rodgers by succumbing to the stiff-arm – fell backward as though he’d been shot with a harpoon in a presumed effort to get another call.

Apparently, Rodgers’ throwing arm is even stronger than we knew.


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