Watch this NBA player take 12 steps without refs calling traveling

BY Andrew Lynch • February 24, 2016

NBA highlight-truthers are going to have a field day with this one.

One of the most common criticisms against the NBA is how the league has apparently done away with the traveling violation, instead letting players take as many steps as they want as long as the end result is a cool play.

In actuality, it's often more complicated than that. NBA players are very good at taking maximum advantage of the rules and stretching the definition of things like the "gather step." But this example from Houston Rockets forward Josh Smith on Tuesday night requires no such nuance:

Smith traveled — a lot. By our count, he took anywhere between a dozen and 16 steps, which outdoes Jeremy Lin's famous highlight from a couple years back:

At least in Lin's case, you can make the argument that he put the ball on the floor. Smith was just out there doing the waltz with his defender. We guess that's now a legal maneuver in the NBA?