Steph Curry celebrated another NBA record by drilling a ridiculous buzzer beater

May 16, 2016

He got off to a slow start in Game 1. But once Stephen Curry got rolling, even the buzzer couldn't stop him.

The Golden State Warriors point guard entered the Western Conference finals tied with Reggie Miller for most consecutive playoff games with a made 3-pointer. And with 42 seconds remaining in the second quarter, Curry hit his first triple of the night, making it 45 straight games with at least one 3.

Curry added another 3 before the end of the half -- like, literally right before, as the buzzer was sounding:

What can you do? No, seriously, someone please let the Oklahoma City Thunder know if there's a viable strategy for defending that kind of thing. They'll need the help if this series is going to last very long.


Curry broke the NBA record for 3-pointers in a season (402) in 2015-16, and he holds the mark for most consecutive regular season games with a made 3 at 152 and counting. At some point, he's probably going to run out of other people's 3-point records to break, and he'll just be competing against himself.