Report: Warriors' season-ticket priority wait list exceeds Oracle Arena capacity

BY Jovan Buha • January 12, 2016

Perhaps no metric demonstrates the Golden State Warriors' rockstar popularity right now than this: There are more people on the team's non-refundable season-ticket wait list (over 20,000 members) than there are seats in Oracle Arena, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports:

Utterly insane, yes. But also totally makes sense.

The Warriors are not just the greatest show in basketball right now. It's more than that. The Dubs are quite possibly the most entertaining team since Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls teams in the late '90s — which is saying something, considering we've seen the Shaq-Kobe Lakers, Seven Seconds Or Less Suns and LeBron James Heat during that time.

And Bay Area fans are taking notice. Season-ticket renewal rates have been at at least 92 percent over the past four seasons, reaching an all-time high of 98 percent this season, according to the team.

The idea that more people want to see the Warriors than can makes sense. But the fact that all of those people are willing to pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 just to have a chance at seeing Curry & Co. is what's pretty shocking.

Of course, reigning NBA MVP Curry has shown that he alone is worth the price of admission. And with a 36-game win streak at Oracle, the Warriors have, too.

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