Report: 'Don't count out' a surprise Celtics run at Ty Lawson

Published May. 5, 2015 3:32 p.m. EDT

When the Celtics acquired Isaiah Thomas this season, many thought they'd brought in a long-term point guard. But Boston ended up using I.T. as a sixth man, an instant-offense scorer off the bench. 


Even if Thomas does stick around in Boston, there's no implication from the way the C's used him that he would be an irreplaceable option at the point if general manager Danny Ainge found other options. That's why a Tuesday report from Grantland's Zach Lowe regarding the state of on-the-block Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson is somewhat surprising, but not exactly shocking.



Lowe will often sneak subtle reporting into his columns. This was the case Tuesday when he mentioned the following nugget about Lawson:


"One aside: Boston and Denver discussed Ty Lawson deals before the deadline, and the Nuggets justifiably demanded a high return for a borderline All-Star on a friendly long-term contract. The talks fizzled, and Boston snagged Isaiah Thomas at a cheaper price. The relationship between Lawson and the Nuggets may be souring beyond repair, per the Denver Post, and the Nuggets are now faced with a thinner trade market. Boston, Detroit, Miami, and Milwaukee traded for point guards at the deadline, and though two of those players are free agents this summer, both are likely to re-sign with their current teams."


Lowe continued later in his piece:


"But don’t count out the Celtics just because they have Thomas — a warning that should apply to lots of teams with established starting point guards. Lawson is really good, and Denver’s thinning trade market presents opportunity for a surprise suitor to strike. Denver will need a point guard if it deals Lawson, and the Celtics acquired Thomas in part because his cheapo contract is so easy to trade. The Hornets should absolutely gauge how much they’d have to attach to Kemba Walker in order to land Lawson — or whether they could acquire Lawson and flip Walker someplace else for extra goodies."


You can read the article in full, here, to find more information on the Celtics..