Relive the 5 most ridiculous plays from Steph Curry's unanimous MVP season

May 11, 2016

It takes an epic season for an NBA player to be voted unanimous MVP.

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry had just such a campaign in 2015-16 -- arguably the greatest MVP season in NBA history. Along the way, he dazzled us with mind-blowing highlights night in and night out.

The NBA celebrated Curry's achievement by releasing a mix of his top 30 plays from this past year. And with apologies to the hardworking people who put this mix together, we have a slightly different take on the top five:

5. Curry nails one of the worst shots ever


Look at the clocks when Curry takes this ridiculous 3-pointer from the edge of the Detroit Pistons midcourt logo. Barely six seconds have ticked off the shot clock, and this was far from a end-of-quarter situation. No, friends, this was simply Curry showing how arrogant he really is on the court.

But when you're that good, who can blame you?

4. All of Curry's fundamentals wrapped up in one play

We've said it before, and we'll say it again -- Curry's ball-handling is almost as impressive as his shooting ability. The full range of his wizardry is on display here, including a filthy pass to the corner for an open look.

3. It's a shot! It's a pass! It's an alley-oop!

Poor Joakim Noah. He just wanted to get the ball upcourt for the Chicago Bulls. Instead, the MVP came roaring in to rip the ball out of his hands before lofting a prayer of a lob toward the rim. It's such a weird pass that it almost looks like a shot coming off of Curry's hand. Of course, since he's amazing, the ball floats right into the waiting hands of Andre Iguodala. Silly us for ever doubting Curry.

2. A desperate attempt at drawing a foul turns into art

Curry thought he felt contact and tried to sucker the official into giving him three freebies. The ref didn't buy it, and it couldn't have mattered less. Curry found the bottom of the net on one of the most ludicrous shots of the season.


Curry dunked. He dunked on Garret Temple, in fact. You can argue that Temple wasn't really in the play, but the Wizards wing tried to block Curry's shot. And he paid the price.

If that's somehow not enough Curry for you, check out this eight-minute supercut of his NBA career, going back to touching moments with his father Dell during the elder Curry's career. It's well worth your time.