PHOTOS: These might be the Cavaliers' new sleeved alternate jerseys

BY foxsports • October 13, 2015

Any search of the term "sleeved jerseys" on various social media platforms will return a never-ending river of negative remarks. The folks at adidas (the NBA's official uniform provider) have been consistent, however, in saying that if they didn't sell so well, the design might go in a different direction.

It's tough to imagine these being fan favorites, but anytime LeBron James is involved, there's a good chance that things with his name on it will fly off the shelves.

There's no guarantee that the leaked design will be what the final product will look like, and these pictured are replicas, not the authentic jerseys that the team will wear on the floor. But these types of catalog leaks have proven reliable in the past, so it's fairly safe to assume that we'll see the Cavs rocking these for at least a few nights during the regular season.

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