Fox Sports’ Call of the Day: Belgium’s game winner vs Japan

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JP Dellacamera & Tony Meola call Belgium's winner vs Japan

[MUSIC PLAYING] Honda to the middle. Courtois grabs it in traffic. Looks up, rolls it ahead. De Bruyne is on the move.

Big numbers here.

De Bruyne leads it to the right side. Lukaku makes a run. Lukaku let's it go! Chadli! Goal! Belgium leads! Chadli!



The subs have come through in a big way.

This started with Thibaut Courtois, and right in front of us were Roberto Martinez and the entire bench as this one entered the net. They ran to Thibaut Cortois, he started this play, and this is how it ended up. Look at the dummy by Lukaku. We talked about the substitutes. Chadli gets it on the end of it. He's been bright since the moment he came on the field. And boy do you have to credit Belgium for not giving up in this one.