Denmark scores a first-minute goal vs. Croatia

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.

ANNOUNCER 1: See what Croatia are made of.

ANNOUNCER 2: And a long throw goes into the box. And [INAUDIBLE] with the captain, Simon Kjaer with a ball to the box.


ANNOUNCER 2: And it is a dream start for Denmark! Off the long throw and the scramble at the box, it's poked in for Mathias Jorgensen. An early stunner for Denmark against Croatia.


ANNOUNCER 1: Well, there was chaos in the box. The long throw, they tested them. Denmark having bodies, people challenging for the ball.

It's not the most beautiful goal in the world, but it's-- it matters. It's a goal. A dream start, as you rightly said, Mark.

Here's the bodies that make it uncomfortable. No one really challenges the ball. It squeezes in. They don't care. They're on the score sheet. Right there.

I thought he played very well against France. He was energetic. He was quick. He was strong. Now he gets his goal, lets it run across him. And he just hits it on target. That's all he's hoping for.