Mexico Team Report: Matchday 2 vs South Korea

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Rodolfo Landeros is on site to give the latest update on the Mexico national team just ahead of their matchup against Korea Republic.

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FERNANDO FIORE: Mexico is back in action tomorrow against South Korea. Coverage begins at 10:00 AM Eastern time. For more on Mexico, here is Rodolfo Landeros.

- Beating Germany was just a small step for what El Tri wants to accomplish in the World Cup here in Russia. All week long, we've talked about how the Mexican team has worked with shaking off that overconfidence and how has the team worked also with the mental coach Imanol Ibarrondo. I asked tonight Juan Carlos Osorio at the Presser in what could be Mexico's worst enemy. This is what he had to say.

- I just hope that we don't sleep on our laurels and we don't take the gas off to pedal. And tomorrow will be another great game for us, highly competitive, and we can, like you said, play an entertainment football and hopefully gain a lot of fans around the world.

- Also, the head coach revealed that he met with our very own Gus Henning because he wanted to know how he reached that semifinals back in 2002 in the World Cup while coaching the South Korean team. I'll bet Gus has a thing or two to say about that. I'm Rodolfo Landeros with all the things you need to know about El Tri during the World Cup coverage on Fox.