90′ in 90″ Barcelona vs. Roma | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action from the first leg between Barcelona and Roma in just 90 seconds.

- Well, Suárez, Messi, and company cruise their way into the last four. Under way. First leg in the UEFA Champions League querterfinal.

Messi. Iniesta. Iniesta. Messi. Oh, it's it! Think that was an own goal, in fact.

- Movement. Iniesta. And then just trying to find Lionel Messi. And it might have the same result. Either way, what a finish from De Rossi. Just in the wrong net. Wouldn't be daring him, though.

- Rakitic. From Messi. The cross, right in front of the post. And it ends up being Samuel Umtiti.

- Inside the six-yard box. Difficult for Alisson to come out and claim it. And that initially would have been an owl goal. And I think it might go down as another own goal, as well.

- Here comes Messi. He's got support, including Pique, who let it go for Luis Suárez to break this all-time drought. How 'bout Pique, tapping in from the doorstep? 3-0 Barcelona.

- But if you told someone at the start of this game there'd be two Roma own goals, a goal from Gerard Pique, and have Barcelona up 3-0, I don't think many people would believe you.

- And Gomes, it looked like, about to come in. Perotti weaving his way through. Dzeko! Able to hold off the defender. And maybe, just maybe, give Roma some life.

The near-side for Denis Suárez. Through traffic, knocked down, and finished! Luis Suárez!

Couple own goals. Couple of strange moments. But Barcelona in good shape into the Italian capital for the second leg.