Cristiano Ronaldo talks about his incredible goal vs. Juventus in the Champions League

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Listen to Cristiano Ronaldo's interview after his great goal against Juventus in the Champions League.

CRISTIANO RONALDO: Well, for me it was an unbelievable moment. I have to say, thank you a lot-- gracias, grazie-- to all the supporters of Juventus, what they did for me was amazing. I'm so happy. Thank you. I love them. This has never happened in my career so far. But I'm so happy.

- No players had scored in 10 consecutive Champions League games-- another record on your list. How proud are you?

CRISTIANO RONALDO: Well, of course, I'm proud. I didn't know. You just told me right now. But of course, I like to beat records. And this is our competition. I love to play Champions League. So I'm happy-- great results But we have second leg at home. We knew that Juve is a fantastic team. We have to be careful. But we are happy. The team is very happy.