Cristiano Ronaldo makes it 1-0 against Juventus | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Cristiano Ronaldo scores to make it 1-0 against Juventus.


COMMENTATOR 2: And to split [INAUDIBLE]. Isco running in. Got a cross on the deck. Rinaldo stabbing at it. He has scored in every game of his career against Juventus. He has set a new all-time champion's league record. Ten straight games in a competition with a goal. It is a dream start for Real Madrid.

Just watching in the buildup to this goal for Christiano Rinaldo who had started out wide. Finds the space, centrally, and it's then Isco. And the combination played between him and Marcello. And he's clearly on side. De Sciglio gets drawn towards the ball and then just the movement in the box from Christiano Rinaldo. Benzema occupies two defenders, gets in front of Chiellini. What is Juventus doing here, defensively? Douglas Costa was in front of Marcello. De Sciglio gets drawn towards him. It leaves all that space in behind for Isco. And it's such a clever ball. The cutback.