Christian Pulisic on what it’s like to play against Bayern Munich

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Christian Pulisic explains what it's like to play against Bayern Munich and world-class players in Bundesliga.

- Last season, it was an amazing season. Started well. Now it's, you're challenged-- every day, you're challenged with German internationals. The club is always full of them.

CHRISTIAN PULISIC: Yeah of course. That's what-- I mean, that's what I think I've gotten so much better. That's why I came to Europe. Because I wanted to test myself. I didn't want to have it easy always. And now, I mean, I come, and there's some world class players on the team. It's not supposed to be easy. But, that's why I'm learning so much. And I think that's why I've improved so much as a player. And I wouldn't really want it any other way. So I just love testing myself against these guys. It's fun.

- Over the time, you've had some good fans against Bayern. Is it just a different challenge to play? It's always different to play Bayern, right?

CHRISTIAN PULISIC: Yeah I mean, Bayern's a big team, of course. It's always fun to play against them. I love to be challenged. This team loves to be challenged. And you know, to play at the highest level, you know, big games against a big team, it's really nothing better you know, to test yourself, and just to-- it's important to, you know, I've learned to go out and just play with confidence. Because it doesn't really matter who you're playing against. You have to go out and play your own game.

- Yeah.