Mexico announce friendly against Wales in May

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Mexican Football Federation announce pre-World Cup friendly against Wales in May.

RODOLFO LANDEROS: Hey guys, Rodolfo Landeros and Mariano Trujillo, covering El Three here at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. Mariano, what a luxury for a team to have two send off games before they fly off to Russia in the World Cup. This is the case with Mexico. They play against Scotland in the [INAUDIBLE]. But also, as announced today, against Wales in the United States.

MARIANO TRUJILLO: It is a luxury, Rodolfo, just like you said. It will be a different game. Because the Rose Bowl has a different flavor, a Mexican flavor. They have a lot of followers. They always respond well when Mexico plays over here. Against Wales, a tough team. Similar-- similar style of playing. It's what they were looking for. And I think with Wales, they're finding that. We still don't know if Garibelli is going to be part of that game. Because if they make it to the Champions League final, obviously Garibelli's not going to be here. But still, even with that, I think it's a good game.

RODOLFO LANDEROS: Yeah, this match is going to be taking place next May 28th, Memorial Day. So be sure to obviously catch on the tickets, because it's going to be a hot one. And I'm dying to see Ryan Giggs as the head coach. Obviously, appointed early in 2018. A second announcement was made. And I think for second, third, and fourth generation Mexicans here in the US, we're dying to hear about.

MARIANO TRUJILLO: We're now we're talking. Hashtag #Nowwetalking. That's how they announced it. Now they're going to have the chance to interact with players and, of course, with the Mexican National Team, in their language, in English. If they feel more comfortable interacting in English, now they have that possibility. I think what the Mexicans Federation wants is just to expand their universe. And not just communicate with fans here in the United States, but all over the world. So obviously English is the perfect language to do that.