PHENOMS: Paulo Dybala

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Paulo Dybala is on a journey to be the best. Phenoms premieres May 25th on FOX. Brought to you by Verizon. It's the mask of a gladiator, during hard times we must all be like warriors. #sponsored

PAULO DYBALA: I came up with it in 2017.


Unfortunately, I missed the last penalty at the final. I wanted to get past that somehow. So I came up with this celebration.

WOMAN: Paulo lost his dad, and he pushed his career forward all by himself. That made him grow up very fast.

PAULO DYBALA: It's the mask of a gladiator. During hard times, we all must be like warriors. On the pitch, you cannot play with masks. But each time I score a goal, that's how I celebrate it.

WOMAN: The same day his father died, Paulo played in Cordoba. And his dad died right after Paulo got [INAUDIBLE].

COMMENTATOR: It's Dybala! That's 2!

WOMAN: He waited for Paulo.

PAULO DYBALA: This was my old man's dream, and I am here thanks to him.