Jimmy Graham pulls a Shaq and bends the goal post in Atlanta

Jimmy Graham is just a beast.

The Saints tight end, who stands 6-7 and weighs 265 pounds, did something incredible on Thursday against the Falcons. Let’s start at the beginning.

Halfway through the second quarter, Graham pulled down this 44-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees:

Impressive, right? Then watch his celebration:


That’s right, he bent the crossbar. And if that wasn’t enough, he decided to pummel the padded part as well. The game had to be stopped temporarily while the maintenance crew went out there a level and a rubber band to right the crossbar.

Graham expressed his "regret" over the incident after the game:

That was straight Shaq-like right there. If you don’t remember, the giant NBA legend did something similar to a backboard while he played for the Orlando Magic:



Jimmy Graham is the nfl answer to Darryl Dawkins

Crooked Crossbar once had an incredible set at Altamont.

Dunking over the crossbar will be illegal tomorrow.

Goal posts are FIXED. The guy who’s job it is to fix that did a fantastic job. Arthur Blank used to own Home Depot. No coincidence.

Why not have Graham re-dunk on the other side to right it?

Personally, I want to see a player go all Bill Walton and gently lay the ball over the goalpost.