World Peace can’t fool this kid

Remember that time Metta World Peace violently elbowed James

Harden in the head during a Western Conference playoff game, then

got suspended seven games for it?

Oh, well that’s good, because he doesn’t.

Or at least that’s what he told one young fan who asked

him about the infamous incident on a double-decker tour bus in New

York City.

On Tuesday, World Peace and fellow New York Knicks newcomer

Andrea Bargnani joined 22 Bronx fifth-graders on a tour around the

city through the team’s Garden of Dreams Foundation.

TIME’s Sean Gregory


target="_blank">tagged along for the trip, and in addition to

the photo above — and several other ridiculous stories that

could only come from the man formerly known as Ron Artest —

Gregory passed along a classic exchange between World Peace and

some of the kids on the bus:

At one point, a fifth grader notices a billboard for Larry

Flynt’s Hustler Club. It’s not subtle. The boy, being

around 12, tells the whole bus about it. Soon, everyone is

screaming. “We’re going to re-route this bus,”

World Peace says.

Then, another fifth grader turns to World Peace. “Remember

when you were playing, and you went like that to James

Harden?” he asked, mimicking an elbow. During the 2012

playoffs, World Peace leveled Harden, and was suspended for seven

games. “No,” World Peace replied. “Absolutely

not. That never happened.”

“I looked it up on YouTube,” he responded.

“Absolutely not,” said World Peace.

“Absolutely not. I don’t know what you’re talking


It doesn’t appear the kid fell for World Peace’s

explanation, but just so you don’t either, here’s a


Fear not, however. World Peace doesn’t expect his emotions

to get the best of him anymore now that he’s back in his


“Me and my psychologist, we work on not making this a

personal thing,” World Peace told TIME. “When things

get too personal, you forget about the actual goals. You get lost

in that emotion. … It is personal, [because] I’m from

the city and we don’t have a championship. It can get

frustrating at times not having a championship here in New York


The Knicks open the regular season Oct. 30 at home against