Steph Curry ruins NBA, inspires teammates to work on halfcourt-logo 3s

Forget worrying about the effect Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is having on the basketball-playing youth of the world. It looks like the reigning MVP is having a ruinous effect on his teammates, too:

That’s a clip from a recent Warriors practice ahead of Golden State’s game against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night, and yes, it features Curry’s teammates lining up seemingly to practice shooting 3-pointers from the halfcourt logo.

There are a few possible explanations here:

1. The Warriors are doing their best to destroy the game of basketball as we know it. In case you didn’t notice, nearly all* of those shots went in. After all, NBA players, even the worst of them, are generally pretty good at putting the ball through the hoop from a distance if they are unguarded. Soon, the entire team (even Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli) will be knocking down 40 percent of their attempts from midcourt, and we will all be doomed.

(*It might have been all of them, its hard to tell for sure. If so, that’s just even more ridiculous.)

2. Coach Luke Walton is taking a page from Steve Kerr’s playbook and letting his team have a lighthearted moment at practice. It’s always nice to have some fun, right?

3. This is a simple drill to practice long shots to beat the buzzer, and Curry’s excused to work on his ball-handling instead because he doesn’t need the shooting practice.

Some combination of 2 and 3 is the likeliest explanation, but if it ends up being No. 1, you were warned in advance.