Kings fans set Guinness world record

Being that the Kings have never won an NBA championship, or won much for that matter, their games generally get loud for only two reasons:

1. Their arena is one of the smallest in the league and there are no noise barriers, so it automatically gets noisy.

2. The Kings aren’t losing, which isn’t often.

Well, on Friday night at Sleep Train Arena — what a perfect name — they hosted the Pistons in their only scheduled nationally televised game of the season, and since Sacramento is 22nd in the league in attendance, the Kings organization didn’t want to be embarrassed. So they thought this was a perfect chance to break the record for the loudest noise in the history of indoor arenas.

What do you think, Chuck?

Yes, yes it is. Shaq should be calling them the Queens — but he’s a part-owner now, so maybe this makes him The Big Queen.

They broke the record, with a decibel count of 119.7 in the first half. Then they broke it again at halftime with a 122.6.

The guy emceeing the whole thing was way too excited.

Oddly enough, the old record for the loudest noise in an indoor arena wasn’t held by a Rolling Stones concert or a game involving Michael Jordan and the Bulls. No, according to Guinness, it was a Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers game from December 2008, with a decibel count of 106. (Bucks-Clippers? Another savvy ploy.)

Zack Randolph and Baron Davis shot a combined 4-for-20 from the field as the Bucks trampled on by a pedestrian Clippers team. Nothing exciting about that game whatsoever. But the noise doesn’t necessarily have to be generated by cheers; fans can curse their teams loudly too.

So the Kings could’ve broken their own record AGAIN after they ended up losing to the Pistons, if they’d just booed loud enough.

Congratulations, Sacramento. You finally did it. Well, your fans did it for you.

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