P.J. Rose steals the show during Cavs-Bulls post-game (PHOTO)

Derrick is the best basketball-playing Rose, but P.J. takes the cuteness crown in the family.

Jeff Curry/Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Move over, Little Chris. Chris Paul's beloved son is catching a sudden threat in his dominion over the NBA child power rankings. Derrick Rose's young P.J. is quickly gaining a reputation as the cutest basketball kid alive these days.

P.J.'s biggest moment yet came as a salve after a devastating 86-84 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, in which Rose's Chicago Bulls saw the game fall away as LeBron James hit a clutch buzzer-beater to win it. Still, it was hard not to smile when this guy came around with this hilarious swagger:

And here he is making a face to extend his dad's continued confidence despite the loss:

You don't think the Bulls can win another game in Cleveland, and retake control of this 2-2 series? You better have a word with P.J.