Report: Wade to stop partying for custody

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade told a Chicago judge Monday he would be prepared to give up his "partying" lifestyle if he was awarded sole custody of his two sons, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Testifying for a second day in a custody battle with his estranged wife Siohvaughn Wade, the NBA All-Star said his oldest son, who is eight, had been "alienated" from him.

Wade said his ex-wife needed help dealing with her anger issues.

He told the court he feared she had harmed herself, and the two boys, when she failed to drop the children off on a court-ordered visit earlier in the year and he could not get in contact with her for more than a day.

“I immediately thought the worst,” he said, “that she probably took them away, that she hurt herself or even hurt the kids.”

The Wades have not spoken since that incident on March 12.

Dwyane Wade said that, if he got sole custody of the two children — the younger son is three years old — he would allow Siohvaughn to have a role in the boys’ lives, but only if she got help with her anger.

During his first day of testimony on Friday, Wade said he was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of his ex-wife and denied allegations he used drugs, owned guns, or had ever had a sexually transmitted disease.

Wade also testified that Siohvaughn physically attacked him and threw something at him during an argument.