After agreeing to $90 million deal, Irving shows world his happy dance

This isn't the first we've seen Kyrie Irving's dance moves. But instead of dancing for kids, he's dancing for dollars, this time.

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

What would you do if someone agreed to pay you $90 million over five years?

How ’bout take to Twitter at close to 2 a.m., then wake up a buddy at around 5 and have him record your happy dance?

That’s what Kyrie Irving did early Tuesday morning.

Shortly after the NBA’s free-agency period began, the Cavaliers and their All-Star point guard — who had one year left on his deal before being eligible for free agency — announced they had agreed to stay together for the next half-decade after this contract ends:

According to FOX Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico, the deal will pay Irving the maximum $90 million.

A few hours later, Irving was still so excited, he apparently had to wake up former high-school teammate and current NBA D-Leaguer Dexter Strickland. In an Instagram post which has since been deleted, Strickland reportedly wrote:

And posted this video with it:

H/t: Bleacher Report