Wade: Call me Three now

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stole the spotlight from the NBA Finals on Thursday night, as their much-anticipated baby’s name was revealed in the middle of a classic Game 7.

And it wasn’t LeBron. Or Manu.

No, the name of KimYe’s baby girl is North. North West. You can’t make this stuff up.

But Dwyane Wade more than one-upped them at the Heat’s postgame interview. Wade, who has gone by Flash, D-Wade and WoW (Way of Wade), told everyone in attendance he would answer only to his new name: Three.

Not One, not Two…

He wasn’t kidding, either. Wade shook his head and said "No" when the first question started "Dwyane uh, obviously you’re—"

"Three?" the reporter asked.

"Yes sir!" Wade answered.

Why Three? Well, it’s not only his jersey number, but now it’s also the number of championships he’s won.

So for future reference, Bill Russell is now Eleven, Michael Jordan is Six and you can call Kobe Five.

Dwight Howard, of course, still is Zero.