Howard: Kobe as a teammate ain’t fun

After years, Dwight Howard finally made up his mind about a long-term home. But now he’s changing his tune about his time in L.A. — and it isn’t good for Kobe Bryant.

Shortly after officially joining the Houston Rockets, Howard opened up about his time as a Laker, and specifically his time on the floor with Bryant, and despite all of the assurances during the season, admitted playing with the uber-competitive Bryant was no walk down Hollywood Boulevard.

"Was it tough playing with Kobe? Yeah, it was very tough. … Me and Kobe, we had our disagreements, we had our moments. Everybody knows Kobe likes to score, and there were times we would get at it getting the ball. And that happens on a team," Howard told ESPN in a televised interview.

However, Howard qualified that his issues with Bryant did not impact his decision to become a Rocket.

"But playing along with Kobe didn’t have any parts of my decision going to Houston. I just felt like Houston was a better situation for me and my career."

But who could blame Howard for a little self-defense? Since signing with Houston, the big man has taken plenty of shots from Bryant, who unfollowed Howard on Twitter.

And it didn’t stop there, as Howard took verbal jabs from former Lakers teammate Steve Nash

And legendary Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar … and legendary Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal

And die-hard Lakers fan Ice Cube (you can see the video here, but it contains very graphic language) …

Even Phil Jackson may have even gotten in on the act