Cuban says he’s ‘cleared the air’ with Clippers’ Ballmer about Jordan

It appears the messy situation between the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers regarding the signing of DeAndre Jordan has been put to rest.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told Mavs fans on Cyber Dust that he met with Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and "cleared the air on a few things."

"Hey Mavs fans. So I had a nice conversation with Steve Ballmer, owner of the [Clippers] yesterday during our NBA meetings," Cuban wrote. "It started off more than a little frigid, but we both cleared the air on a few things.

"I told him exactly what I told other owners, I didn’t have a problem with his Hail Mary approach to keeping a player. I understood why they did it. And even how they did it. They got their player back. End of story."

But Cuban, who continues to refuse to use Jordan’s name in any of his messages, did add that the free-agency system does have some flaws. But one thing he didn’t blame was the moratorium period, which does not permit players and teams to sign contracts until a specified date.

"[There] are still a few unresolved issues that the NBA will have to work through but one I don’t feel is an issue is the moratorium," Cuban wrote. "Nothing that happened with this deal was the result of the moratorium.

"The thing about the NBA is that you don’t know which deals are the good deals and which arrows you avoided till you start playing the games. My guess is that we open the season against the Clippers. That’s when the real fun will [begin].