David Blatt is the best NBA coach ever fired

David Blatt found out the hard way Friday that coaching LeBron is a tough gig.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

What’s even more interesting than losing a job with such a record of success are the names ahead of Blatt on that list. Steve Kerr (.848, one title with the Warriors), Billy Donovan (.727, first season with the Thunder), Phil Jackson (.704, 11 titles with the Bulls and Lakers), Billy Cunningham (.698, 1 title with the 76ers), Gregg Popovich (.690, 5 titles with the Spurs) and Larry Bird (.687, 1 Finals appearance with the Pacers).


Not a single one of these fellows was fired in what will be 54 combined seasons of coaching when this year is finished. Blatt, after Friday, has that honor to himself — a victim of taking a job with the highest of expectations when the team signed James before last season and not fulfilling them when the Cavaliers fell to the Warriors in the Finals last season.

His last two games were victories, but it was the 34-point gap between Cleveland and Golden State in a home loss Monday that probably convinced the team it wasn’t gaining ground on the obvious goal of winning a championship with James on the roster.