Can Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker co-exist?

If Lin and Walker can make it work, Charlotte's offense could be dangerous.
Kin Cheung/AP

Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker are two point guards with similar skill sets. Neither is a particularly great outside shooter, and both are most effective with the ball in their hands. 

Does this mean they can't co-exist on the floor at the same time? The Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler takes a look right here:

It's refreshing to hear these guys speak of sacrifice with genuine self-awareness. They both understand their strengths and weaknesses, and will do whatever it takes to make it work. 

Having Lin and Walker on the court allows Charlotte to play at a faster pace, which could open the floor up for everybody else. 

Said Lin of his new relationship with Walker: “The biggest thing is – and that’s not just me and Kemba (Walker), it’s any basketball relationship – you have to want to see the other person succeed. I’ve been very impressed with who Kemba is as a person and how down to earth and humble he is. We’ve been able to get along off the court and carry that onto the court and it’s been fun. I love playing with him.” Said Walker of what Lin brings to the court when they are on it together: “It takes a lot of pressure off me. I don't always have to go back for the basketball every time. When he's out there, he's helping me with the pace, with the tempo. He's very unselfish and he can score the basketball very well. So that's fun.” Read more here:

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