Charles Barkley threw shade at Jared Sullinger on TV

Jared Sullinger isn’t taking part in the playoffs, but he’s still tweeting. And that drew the ire of a Hall of Famer.

The Boston Celtics big man sent out a playful tweet Tuesday night about Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal’s tendency to get into it on the TNT set. The two all-time greats never seem to see eye-to-eye, as Sullinger humorously noted.

Barkley didn’t think it was too funny. He responded when Sullinger’s tweet was shown on screen during Inside the NBA, warning the 22-year-old, “Jared, don’t be tweeting if you don’t make the playoffs.”

Ooh. Gavel, Barkley.

Check out Barkley’s response in the video below, via the alley-oop lob by


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