Parker Kligerman wins as the field wrecks at Talladega | 2017 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Parker Kligerman wins at Talladega as the field wrecks behind him coming to the white flag.

ANNOUNCER 1: Green flags waving. We're in overtime at Talladega.

ANNOUNCER 2: Bell picked the high line. I like the bottom, and it looks like the bottom is going to work early. But can Bell rebound up top?

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, the thing I don't like is that is that gap from Grant Enfingers in the 98 truck, the second truck on the top, to the truck behind him. And all those trucks on the bottom were formed up, so we'll just have to see if that top line can ever make up ground.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's Chase Briscoe on the outside there getting a little help. But the battle is at the front, and it's Parker Kligerman with some help from Grant Enfinger.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, that truck pulling out in the middle allowed that top lane to stay formed up and broke the momentum of the bottom line. And, you know, the top lane was able to get right out in front of those guys when they started getting scattered.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sauter jumps to the outside hoping that he get some help. They're coming through the trial oval to the white flag. Kligerman by a nose over in finger as they crossed the line in the final lap and contact. And a big crash.

ANNOUNCER 2: And John Hunter Nemechek sneaks through.

- Behind you. Big wreck.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the 8 of John Hunter Nemechek escapess. And it's going to be Parker Kligerman. for the second time, a winner at Talladega.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, and I think the 24 was really expecting Johnny Sauter to go with him there as he broke out, and that just didn't happen.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nine of the last 10 races here at Talladega, the final lead changes happen in the last couple of laps. Happens again today as you see the carnage before they could get to the finish. On the white flag lap, the heavy damage and Parker Kligerman gets to the front and will park it right underneath the flag stand and celebrate a victory at Talladega.

REPORTER: Well, for the second time, Parker Kligerman finds himself here in victory lane in a truck. Big celebration down here for him and the crew. And Parker, your crew chief was very complimentary of you, of this team's small operation. How special is this one for you?

PARKER KLIGERMAN: It's incredible. Chris Carrier and everyone who got part of this. Henderson Motorsports. That's Chris. Charlie Henderson. They've put-- they've been one longest running teams in NASCAR. Food Country USA. Here's Mr. Charlie Henderson. He's the owner of [INAUDIBLE].

CHRIS HENDERSON: That's right. You did great.

REPORTER: Glad we came, right? Debbie.

DEBBIE: Great job.

PARKER KLIGERMAN: You know, we had a special decal on here for Peggy Miller, who was Chris Carrier's mother-in-laws. And she recently died, but she was a cancer survivor of breast cancer, and created a support group, which is a great big deal now in Virginia. And so this one's for all the breast cancer survivors and cancer in general. So. And also, it's not very aggressively average, but my YouTube channel is back there, which it is aggressively average. But this win is awesome, so that's great.

REPORTER: How aggressive did you feel you had to be behind the wheel this truck to fight tooth and nail for this win?

PARKER KLIGERMAN: Yeah. I'm out of breath. Geez, I'm out of shape, right? Got to race all these kids. But you know, it was just crazy. Every move worked. And it's just sometimes they click, and that's what like those last 10 laps, no matter if I went high and I'd separate a pack or I'm trying to get the bump in the run, every move just works. And sometimes they go your way, and that was awesome.

REPORTER: Congratulations