Austin Dillon & Ryan Newman detail expectations for Richard Childress Racing in 2018

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Austin Dillon and Ryan Newman visit the 'NASCAR Race Hub' Chevy Preview Show to talk about their personal and team expectations for 2018.

- We welcome in the stars of the show, driver 3, driver 31, Austin Dillon and Ryan Newman. Thanks for being here, or thanks for letting us be here, I'm not sure how that works in this situation.

- Us being here, I think, yeah.

- Yeah, I think that's it.

- Both. Hey, I'll start with you, Ryan, kind of the old guy of the group.

- Same age as you, but--

- I know, I know. It's OK.

- She just came out swinging, didn't she?

- No, but you did say last year, or at the end of last season, that sometimes you have to make small gains one year in order to make very big gains the next season. Where do you think that maybe, you guys will make the most gains in 2018?

- I think the ball's up in the air. I think if you look at the way we performed last year, it wasn't, like Richard said, it wasn't to our expectations or our goals, but we did win a couple of races. We led a few laps. We didn't lead as many laps as we wanted to. But, my point with the changes is the, pit road, I think our guys have been hot and cold, at times, on pit road. Which I think a lot of teams can say that, but with the new pit guns, and the rules, and everything else, I think that there's a lot of opportunity for everybody in the garage to have. And especially, starting with Daytona 500, biggest race of the year. And a lot of those changes, to be starting off better than everybody else is super important.

- But, you both have been there. You both have now won races, experienced success in the playoffs, so Austin, what is the key to taking that next step individually and as an organization?

- I'm looking forward to this year, mostly because I just want to have a little bit more speed than we had last year. I think if you gain that speed and you consistently are running in the top five, top 10 area, you give yourselves more chances to win. When you're running in the top five, you learn how to run with those guys that are winning races, and you're put yourself in that position enough, you're going to get back to victory lane. So, just hopefully we work really hard in the off season, which we are, to bring out speed at the beginning of the year and carry that throughout. And I think Newman and I, both, will have chances to win races in our organization here.

- I know that there's a lot of hope, particularly with the new Chevy body coming out. And you guys can't see, but there's cars everywhere and Ryan, you had your head inside one of the car talking to some guys when you got here. So, I know out of all the drivers, you are so highly involved in a lot of the technical stuff. Where do you think that this new Chevy body is going to help you guys the most?

- As an old guy, I've seen a lot of body styles so, I'm super excited about the Camaro's, the old one. And a lot of work went into developing this car for this aerial package. And we didn't have that with the old Chevy SS. It was built around the 2013 spec, which was a lot more downforce. So, the guys I believe have done a really good job. Everybody at Chevrolet, including the teams, the organizations that have had input to it, to make it a car that we feel will help us, help us to succeed and try to achieve that championship.

- I asked Richard this a few minutes ago, going from three cars to a two car operation, what does that do for you guys as drivers? How does it change the mindset and the overall thought process?

- We don't have to deal with Paul anymore, so.

- Yeah, we've got to see him on the track. [INAUDIBLE] teammate, but we're excited. I think Newman and I both are. You see the teams that are having success in the past couple of years, they're smaller organizations, two car teams. You got a one car team winning the championship last year, well, two car team, excuse me, but, going back to a one car team. I'm really excited. I think you got more to pull from. We're going to be really focused on, we got two cars, and everybody is going to pulling the rope the same way. So, both of our crew chiefs get along great. I think that's another great part of it. They're practically best friends. So, having those two working together, and our relationship as drivers, I think, has developed over the last three years a ton. So, I'm really looking forward to working with Ryan, and it's just a closer group. And hopefully we can benefit from that.