Should the Dodgers rest Kenley Jansen?

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Frank Thomas and Nick Swisher join Chris Myers to discuss whether the Dodgers need to rest Kenley Jansen after two rough outings.

But that was a tough loss for this bullpen.

FRANK THOMAS: Kenley's been the number one closer in baseball, I would say, for the last four years. He's been automatic. It's bound to happen to all guys who throw as much as this guy. The guy throws a 96, 97 MPH cutter. Eventually, you might go through a period of dead arm.

They had a late run to the playoffs, a late run to the World Series. Maybe he just pitched so many innings last year, his arm is tired. I don't think it's something that's going to last forever. I just think he might be going through a period of dead arm. We've seen it with great closers year in and year out.

- What do you do, dead arm? Give rest period? Can you afford that? Where would the Dodgers turn, because he's been their money guy?

FRANK THOMAS: You have to rest him. You know, bottom line-- this guy's a weapon. You need this guy healthy. 89 with that cutter is very hittable. 95 is untouchable. So we need this guy healthy. You need this guy healthy, because I know you're a big Dodgers guy. Baseball needs this guy healthy. Because--

- I grew up loving the Dodgers.

FRANK THOMAS: He's a treat to watch, but he's human. That's just what it is.

- And the Dodgers don't have a lot of depth in the bullpen overall. They've kind of shuffled some things. Scott Alexander, a new acquisition. But Rick Honeycutt-- he's been there a long time. He knows how to juggle things.

NICK SWISHER: Yeah, well, there's no doubt about it. But I think the biggest thing that Frank's worried about is the velocity. I mean, when your closer is topping out at 89 miles an hour-- we know from being in that batter's box, it's a lot easier to hit that 89-mile-an-hour cutter than that 95-mile-an-hour cutter.

Now, listen-- this dude has averaged over 70 appearances over the last five seasons and the Dodgers have gone deep into the playoffs. So Frank says he needs to rest-- bro, you're making $85 million, my man. I don't think you got time to rest.

He says it's something mechanical. And he also knows that no one's going to feel sorry for me. This man is up for the challenge. He'll get better.

FRANK THOMAS: I get that. But it's a 162-game schedule. You need this guy healthy. If he takes a month off, it's fine. You need this guy healthy. The Dodgers are such a great ball club. They'll find a way to win ball games without him.


FRANK THOMAS: But they need this guy healthy to be the weapon that we all know that he is.

- And that Dodger bullpen on the spot, in trouble in Arizona, in relief of Kershaw-- we'll update that throughout the remainder of this show.