Tigers’ Scherzer puzzles over answer to own crossword clue

Detroit Tigers pitching ace and dichromatic eyeballer Max Scherzer. 

Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

Not everyone gets to have a crossword puzzle clue about themselves in USA Today, but apparently not everyone who does agrees with the answer.

The crossword in Tuesday’s edition of the national newspaper featured a clue about Detroit Tigers ace Max Scherzer. It was relatively simple, as long as you know anything about baseball. The clue was "Max Scherzer’€™s pride," and the three letter answer was "arm."

Scherzer, however, had another idea in mind: 

In case you were wondering, DIC is what most DMVs put on your license if you have dichromatic eyes. Scherzer famously has one blue eye and one brown eye. It is pretty interesting, however, that he seems to take more pride in his unique eyes than his Cy Young Award-winning arm.

"That was pretty cool to see," Scherzer told the Detroit Free Press. "Not too many times are you in a crossword puzzle, so I thought I’d give my opinion on what the answer should be."


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