Rays’ Colby Rasmus shaves ridiculed beard after wife gave him ultimatum

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Colby Rasmus’ stint as an (apparent) Amish man is over.

After reporting to spring training with a wild beard on his face, and getting broadly lambasted across the Internet by the likes of Deadspin and others, the beard is gone. Behold:


It was a fun ride. According to the Tampa Bay Times‘ Marc Topkin, Rasmus didn’t grow the chin music as a goof or anything:

“It’s kind of simple really, I’m not really trying to make a statement or nothing” he said. “I just started growing it out and it doesn’t grow too good up here on my face and I don’t like to get the bumps on my neck. It felt good to me. But you know how judgmental people are, they try to tell me what I should feel and how it feels on my face.”

Ultimately, Rasmus’ wife Megan influenced the decision to lose it because he wanted to grow his long hair back.

“My wife wanted me to do it,” the 30-year-old said. “I told her I was going to grow my hair back out so she didn’t want me to have both. She didn’t want me to look too homely, I guess.”

Happy wife, happy life. A .275 batting average and/or 25 home runs helps too.