Indians fans’ redface raises eyebrows

Cleveland fans turned out to cheer their Indians at Wednesday night’s AL wild-card game, but not every show of support was a good look.

The controversy over Native American teams and mascots was back in the spotlight when the TV cameras found these guys.



















It’s an issue that isn’t going away. The Braves still are in the playoffs, and the Redskins controversy has been stirring for some time, with owner Daniel Snyder vowing to never change the name, Joe Theismann defending it by saying he represented Native Americans when he played for the Skins, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell defending the name, then saying the NFL should listen to the protests.

Then there was this T-shirt design that combined RG3’s face with the Redskins mascot’s. And in July, the Mets felt some backlash for cancelling a tribute to Native Americans because it was scheduled before a game against the Braves.

To top it off, the Indians lost Wednesday night’s game 4-0, ending their season.