Babe Ruth was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees 95 years ago and a curse was born

Babe Ruth became a tower of power as a Yankee.

Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

There are trades that haunt and there are those that linger.

Perhaps no deal stayed with a team more than the one that happened 95 years ago Friday.

On Dec. 26, 1919, the Boston Red Sox traded — errr, sold — a 24-year-old lefthander to the New York Yankees. Check out the paperwork:

The price for Babe Ruth was $25,000. However, the cost was oh so much more painful.

You all know the story. The one-time pitcher evolved into a slugger and the greatest of his — and maybe any — era.

Meanwhile, back in Boston … you get the idea.

"The Curse of the Bambino" became historic. No matter how the Red Sox flirted with a World Series victory, it wouldn’t happen.

Losing in seven games in 1967. The 1986 horror against the New York Mets. Until 2004, when finally the long drought without a World Series title ended.

Happy anniversary to all parties.