Weiner: A-Rod ban ‘inappropriate’

The head of baseball’s players association has some choice words for the suspension doled out to Alex Rodriguez.

Michael Weiner let his feelings be known while speaking on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday. And Weiner wasn’t too pleased.

"We feel what [MLB Commissioner Bud Selig] did, frankly, was inappropriate and almost ridiculous," he said. "Look at the penalties that have been [given] out and cases that have been decided by the commissioner’s office along with the Players Association. Nothing comes close to 211 games."

Rodriguez is currently playing with the Yankees while appealing the suspension. Rodriguez was the only player among the 13 suspended Monday who is appealing. The other 12 players agreed to the 50-game suspensions they received.

In a separate interview Tuesday, Weiner said that if Major League Baseball had offered a certain number of games suspension, that he advised Rodriguez to agree to it. But that number was never offered.

"I don’t want to give a number, but there was a number that I gave A-Rod and we advised him to take it," Weiner told host Chris Russo on Sirius/XM’s Mad Dog Radio. "He was never given that number."