Georgia dominates Georgia Tech with a commanding 38-7 victory

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Georgia dominates Georgia Tech with a commanding 38-7 victory

ANNOUNCER 1: Play 11 of the drive. One-on-one coverage on the back-sided throw. It's pulled in by Wims. And he's ruled out of bounds at the one. He also dropped the ball when he went out of bounds. But they felt that it's he had secured it to the ground before he popped up and the ball came out.

ANNOUNCER 2: See he clearly has control of the ball. Good job. Good concentration by Wims. That's well-covered on the perimeter. It really is.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's a touchdown.

It's Chubb, and he's in. Touchdown Georgia. Number 13 on the season for Nick Chubb. Off, play action. Fromm looking. Middle wide open. Touchdown Javon Wims.


--Georgia. Third and goal for Georgia Tech. Marshall to the end. Got a receiver wide open. Touchdown Ricky Jeune. The one guy if you're Georgia you can't leave open.

--and does not look back. Michel bouncing it to the outside. What a great cut. He scores. Touchdown Georgia.

ANNOUNCER 2: Number 7 is the featured back.

ANNOUNCER 1: See if they try to give him the touchdown here. Swift over the top. Touchdown Georgia.

ANNOUNCER 2: Now that some of the elite stardom has kind of disappeared, he has stepped into that role and is by far the best middle linebacker in the game right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fromm on the money. Crumpton with no defender in sight. Only pay dirt he can see. Touchdown Georgia. 78 yards.

ANNOUNCER 2: What a great throw by Jake Fromm. Knowing that he's about to get hit, throwing in the corner route perfectly in stride. And nothing but green grass out in front of Crumpton. You can see he gets hit low and high.