Backup QB Dwayne Haskins’ big run helps put Ohio State ahead of Michigan

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Dwayne Haskins' big run sets up J.K. Dobbins for the 1-yard rush TD as the Buckeyes lead Michigan 21-20.

GUS JOHNSON: Haskins, play fake. Haskins in trouble. Haskins decides to run. Haskins with the first down and more. Look at the redshirt freshman come in and play ball. Lavert Hill knocks him out of play, but it's a 21-yard gain.

JOEL KLATT: And there's been a few different times when the coverage has been so good down the field, but the defensive backs just unable to come off of their players.

GUS JOHNSON: And with Dobbins in the backfield. Dobbins. Touchdown Buckeyes. Just like that, a redshirt freshman comes in The Game and leads Ohio State into the end zone for 6.