Of course an Alabama couple named their newborn Krimson Tyde

Move over Aaron Rodger, there’s a new sports-themed baby name in town.

Following a strange new trend in baby-naming, an Andalusia, Ala., couple welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on Dec. 28 and named him after their favorite sports team — the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Krimson Tyde Steele weighed in at seven pounds, five ounces when he made his appearance at Andalusia Regional Hospital, according to the Andalusia Star News (with a hat tip to For The Win).

Summer and Kevin Steele obviously have a great sense of pride in their college sports allegiance, so much so that they are willing to make their son walk around for his entire life named after the team. The entire team.

Apparently, the Steeles weren’€™t the first to come up with a creative Alabama-centered name, either.