Justin Jefferson’s ‘Reggie Bush juke’ was an absolute must-see

There are ankle-breaking jukes — and then there’s what LSU’s Justin Jefferson did in Monday night’s College Football National Championship Game:

That. Was. NASTY. Just ask Reggie Bush, who was all of us after Jefferson’s ridiculous, soul-snatching move:

Of course, it makes sense that Bush would react as such, given that the juke was a patented Bush special during his playing days:

It’s probably not a coincidence that LSU went from down 3 to up by double-digits at halftime in the wake of Jefferson’s spectacular play. But don’t count Clemson out just yet.

For now, check out our College Football Championship Watch With party with Reggie, Joel Klatt, and Mike Pereira, where Bush is sharing stories like the hardest hit he ever took: