Skip Bayless predicted the Jaguars would give the Steelers trouble: ‘This game sets up perfectly for Jacksonville’

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In his preview of the Jacksonville Jaguars–Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Divisional playoff game, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor the key for Blake Bortles and the Jags to defeat the Steelers.

- You know what? This game sets up perfectly for Jacksonville-- both on the field and on that locker room bulletin board. I'm going to remind everybody that Mike Tomlin said-- before the New England game, during the regular season at Pittsburgh-- it's going to come down-- he told Tony Dungy-- to us and the Patriots, and it's just a matter of whether it's going to be in our house or their house for the AFC championship game. Well, OK, maybe he's right, maybe not. Wonder what Jacksonville is going to have to say about that. Mike Mitchell's already on record as saying, we will beat the Patriots the next time we see them in the playoffs.

- Why are you worried about somebody you're not even playing against, Skip?

- I don't know. Well, you tell me. And Ben said, before the Bills-Jags wildcard game, I want Jacksonville. Obviously, he believes it was just a flat-out fluke that he threw five picks and two pick 6s in that game and he wants to show the world he ain't that guy. That-- that game was so bad he was talking about retirement after that game. And, now, to your point, Le'Veon's talking about next year and it just seems like-- I've said this again and again on the show, as much as I respect all that weaponry that Ben has on offense-- something's been a little off about the Steelers the whole year.

SHANNON: They got a lot of drama going on,

- A lot of drama going on.

SHANNON: With Ben and Le'Veon and Antonio.

- Thank you. Thank you. And then they lost poor Ryan Shazier to a terrible injury and then Antonio got hurt-- but it sounds like he's going to come back, but will he be 1000% right for this game? I'm not so sure about that. And despite all those weapons, remember they only finished eighth in points scored-- and I don't get that because that's not living up to what you have.

SHANNON: No, with that yeah, you got to be top five [INAUDIBLE] weapon.

- And, again, you haven't loved their defense all year. It wound up seventh in points allowed, which is not bad, but-- but you-- you don't love it without Shazier, right?


- So here comes a defense that is the next great defense. Is it-- has it arrived yet? We see it getting a little better every week. And, obviously, it's going to come in with a lot of confidence because the score was 30 to 9 the last time there were in this stadium, right? And it's a hard-- as Ray Lewis said the other day-- this is a hard place to win a playoff game, and I-- I get all that.

But I'm going to say it again about Blake Bortles, he-- he-- he's not, obviously not great, but he's not nearly as bad as he's being portrayed. He's become the NFL punchline. He's quote unquote "garbage."

- Yes.

- He had a QBR for the whole year of 56, which is in the top half of the league. It's OK. It's-- it's not terrible.

- He's the Rodney Dangerfield for quarterback.

- He is. No, he is. But-- but it's not-- he had four 300 yard plus passing game.

- Yes, yes.

- And he's got Marqise Lee and Dede Westbrook and Marcedes Lewis-- he's got some weapons outside, not-- not Pittsburgh's, but he's got some people to throw to. And then he's got that big stud behind him.

- Fournette, Ivory, they can run the football.

- They-- they can run the football. And his offensive line is pretty good-- maybe not great, but pretty good. And so, I liked the way Blake Bortles handled that little press session we saw the end of, when he made the LeBron comparison, which was absurd. But, I didn't see you know, like, demoralized. I didn't see defeated Blake Bortles. I saw angry Blake Bortles.

MAN: Right.

- I like that. I think he's going to go in and make-- I don't know-- three or four plays that they're going to need to make--

- And you going to have to-- but this game is really set up for what Jacksonville can do, they can run the football and play defense, now those things never go-- it doesn't matter about the rain, doesn't matter how cold it is. If you can run the football, and you can play defense-- now we know they can play defense-- they're number one defense in football. They got those two big studs inside.

- Yeah and Minnesota statistically is, but they're, effectively, in your mind, they're number one. Yeah, I agree.

- They get two guys outside-- now, Antonio is going to come back. Now he's been off for a long time, Skip. See, for me, I wouldn't have let Ben in. I would not have let Ben-- Ben would have played to the half, he and Le'Veon would have played to the half.

Because it's hard, even when you have the bye week, you have that time off to come back. That's one week. Can you imagine? They had two weeks off, Skip. You had to-- you took off the week 17, you had the bye and now you're getting ready to play. So, you better start fast because--

SKIP: You better.

- You let that creep in your mind, you give that team confidence. Because the later this game goes into the second half-- third or fourth quarter and they're close?

- I agree. I say it will be close and I'm going to say that the little kicker for the Jacksonville Jaguars makes the kick-- in a hard place to make a field goal, little Josh Lambo. I say he nails one. I'm going with the upset. I'm going-- and I don't even think it'll be an upset. I just think Jacksonville is a little better than Pittsburgh. I'm going to go 20 to 17, Jaguars.