Greg Jennings explains why he believes the Eagles could win it all in 2017

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Greg Jennings and Tony Gonzalez join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether the Eagles are truly the best in the NFL

- Whitlock, which of these two to you is the best in the league?

- I'm going to keep it real simple. One team plays in the best division in football, the NFC. One team is 10:10, the other team is 9:2. I think you are what your record says you are.

The Eagles are the better team. I think they have a better defense. I'll just keep it simple. Again, they play in the NFC. They got the best record in football. How can you go against the Philadelphia Eagles?

- I can go against them for this reason. Every time New England gets to a Super Bowl-- because if you're asking me who is the best, you're putting him in the biggest game. Every time New England goes to a Super Bowl-- we thought Seattle had this young defense, and New England just controlled it. Last year it's Atlanta's offense. Oh my god, it's Atlanta's offense in the end--

- Destroyed them.

- 3 and out, 3 and out. New England always plays the young, hot NFC. You'll never beat them. And New England does their system, outplayed early first half, eight minutes to go, Brady, Belichick out-scheme, out-coach and outplay.

Philadelphia feels like Atlanta. They feel like that Cam team that played Denver. They feel like the Seattle-- remember, that Carolina team that faced Denver, that was one of the great-- it was an energy play. The NFC keeps giving us these different teams--

- Atlanta should have won the Super Bowl last year.

- And they didn't. I trust the-- I trust Belichick. I trust experience. I trust veterans. I trust the system. I trust Tom. They feel like red hot. The Patriots never feel like they're red hot. They feel like, oh, this is the same great system, to me.

- Oh, yeah. I think I said it last week on a different show, but they're like Duke, the Duke basketball team, just always doing it the right way. Everybody graduates. It's boring, but they're always in the final four, it seems like. They're always going to win.

But I agree with you. I'm going to go with Hall of Famers. That's who I would choose. That's who breaks it down for me. Go with the Hall of Fame coach, best coach ever. Go with Tom Brady, best quarterback ever, arguably.

The way they methodically go throughout the season, like we just talked about, nothing gets out of their approach to it. Peterson, Carson Wentz, they're on their way, it seems like. They got a good thing going. But in a big game, always bet a Hall of Famer. Always, I'm telling you.

- I'm not going to go against the Patriots, because I know that they will end up deep into the playoffs, potentially in the Super Bowl. But this Philadelphia Eagles team, the way they win is so sustainable with running the football, throwing the football, defense, special teams, they do it the right way, and they don't play down to their opponents' level. You don't see that with any other team in the league outside of the Patriots.

This is why I am a believer in the Philadelphia Eagles, because of the way they've been able to beat teams. Whether they should beat them by a landslide or it should be a close game, they go into every game with the mindset that every team wants to, we're going to focus on this team, we're going to do what we do best, and we should win this game. And it's been working for him. That's why I believe in the Philadelphia Eagles.

- Think about this. The Patriots won the Super Bowl last year without Gronk. This year they miss Edelman. I think it shows you the power of New England's system.

Every time I watch him in the-- when's the last time you turn on a Patriot game-- you ever miss the first 10 minutes of a football game, and you turn on the Patriot game, and you went, whoa! And you're always like, oh, they lead 14-nothing. I mean, seriously, Steelers, you miss the first eight minutes, they trail by two touchdowns in Green Bay. Their consistency, I don't think it ever--

- I watched last year's Super Bowl. They were getting dusted, and if the man had just run the ball, they would have lost that game. So listen, I don't want to in any way denigrate the New England Patriots. Brady, Belichick, awesome. Greatest of all time.

Someone has to have next. That is the reality of sports and the reality of life. There's always going to be Michael Jordan. He doesn't go on forever. And LeBron carries the torch.

Carson Wentz looks the part like he's got next. And that has to start at some point. They are destroying teams. Again, we don't have these teams like the '85 Bears that just ran over everybody.

That's what Philadelphia is looking like. Every week they're destroying-- look at their point differential. I think it's 160 points. Anytime you lead the league in point differential, you generally play in the Super Bowl. And again, I think right now we expect the Patriots--

- Who do you trust? Doug Peterson. Belichick, Peterson, eight minutes left.

- Well, again, I trust Belichick more. This young quarterback, though--

- Over Tom Brady? Come on now.

- It's not a matter of over Tom Brady, but will he fold? I don't think he folds. I don't think he buckles.

- I don't either.

- And that's what I love about him, because he's one of those guys that he doesn't care. They don't fear anyone, because they're focusing, if we do what we do, we can win. And Brady, he took more hits yesterday.

- Boy, he took a ton.

- And Belichick is not letting him out of his game. Of Vince, I'm just betting on father time at some point. They'll I just think if Philly gets in the same spot as Atlanta this year with those two running backs they have in Philadelphia, they're going to run the ball and run out the clock. I think--

- I will say this, the way to beat Saban has always been to find a quarterback that he can't scheme for. There is something to say about Carson. You can scheme for Matt Ryan, because you know where he's going to be after the snap. Wentz makes plays that you can't scheme for. He made a couple against Chicago. I'm like, you can't-- I mean, John Fox, a good defensive coordinator, that was a top 10 defense.

- He's got some Aaron Rodgers in him.

- A lot of Aaron Rodgers.

- Got some Aaron Rodgers. All right, come--