WATCH: Ronda Rousey drops Michael Strahan with judo flip

BY Elias Cepeda • October 14, 2015

During a recent appearance on "LIVE with Kelly and Michael", UFC champion Ronda Rousey talked about how she learned to focus on winning and look mean as a kid, how she struggled after winning an Olympic bronze medal, and more.

And, because Ronda is Ronda, she also did much more than just talk. Rousey also took on one of the NFL's all-time best defenders, Michael Strahan, in a fun segment.

Rousey taught Kelly Ripa how to throw a good liver punch at her co-host, a knee to the gut and a hip toss. We already knew that the Rowdy One packs a mean punch, and it looks like she also can pass on the ability through her teaching.

Rousey has been making the talk-show rounds ahead of her next fight in November when she'll defend her bantamweight championship in Melbourne at UFC 193 against former boxing world champ Holly Holm.