UPDATE: Joel Embiid blocks LeBron on Twitter after recruiting effort ignored

BY Jimmy Traina • July 3, 2014

Sixers rookie Joel Embiid has been in the NBA for a week, but he's already acting like a veteran.

The 7-footer who was drafted out of Kansas third overall by the Sixers on June 27, has been trying to recruit free-agent LeBron James to Philadelphia.

Embiid made his initial pitch on Tuesday:

LeBron never got back to Embiid -- maybe because he's on a boat watching his son make a bid for "Wicked Tuna":

So undeterred, Embiid followed up on Wednesday, poking fun at his own tape-delayed reaction:

UPDATE 7/4/2014: After three days without a response, Embiid had clearly had enough: The Philadelphia rookie made a drastic move and blocked LeBron James from his Twitter feed, effectively cancelling his social media effort to woo the two-time NBA champ to the Sixers: 

Can't wait to see Embiid try that same move in person when they meet on the court.