Tamba Hali spends his money on drones, not cars

BY foxsports • July 28, 2015

Tamba Hali depends his Chiefs paychecks like a 275-pound grade-schooler.

Kansas City's star linebacker has a gigantic drone collection. Why? Because he can.

“I’ll crash them and we’ll get the other one ready to go up,” Hali told CBS 2 in New York. “I like flying them and filming around the area.”

It's a luxury the big kid never had as an actual one. Hali grew up in war-torn Liberia and said he never had the chance to play with toys as a child.

He's more than making up for lost time now -- with one big exception.

“I’m not a big car guy,” Hali said. “I just go to work and back and that’s it. But I’ve driven the same car since I’ve been in the league.”

(h/t CBS 2 in New York




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