Snoop Dogg now how has a Papa John's hookup courtesy of Peyton Manning

BY foxsports • February 4, 2016

Thanks to Peyton Manning, Snoop Dogg has a hook-up for some munchies.

The cannabis-loving rapper attended the Denver Broncos media session Thursday as a celebrity reporter for the Rich Eisen Show.

Snoop's first question?

"Can I get a 50-percent discount on Papa John's pizza when I enter the state of Colorado?"

Manning's deadpan response: "Absolutely."

Snoop's follow-up to the quarterback from the Mile High City was football oriented. Snoop asked Manning whether he will receive advice from his father (Archie) and brother (Eli) -- both of whom have extensive NFL quarterbacking experience -- before Super Bowl 50 on Sunday against Carolina.

Manning wasn't blowing smoke with his answer.

"Snoop," Manning began. "I always enjoy my conversations with my dad and Eli as far as things having to do with the NFL. I had dinner with Eli the other night and we talked about a lot of other things. Certainly, it helps that he had played against (Carolina) earlier in this year and the routine he had set up. My dad is always a great sounding board for me. I'm grateful to have both to be able to talk to."