Schrager podcast: Why Dak Prescott and Dallas could be in trouble vs. Tampa

BY FOX Sports Staff • December 15, 2016

In the latest Peter Schrager podcast, Schrager discusses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' recent success, makes a bold prediction for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys, and has a logical theory as to why Dak Prescott hasn’t performed well the past few weeks. Highlights below:

:25 – Why the Buccaneers are firing on all cylinders

3:25 – The reason why Dak Prescott has appeared to hit a wall and why Dallas could be in trouble against Tampa Bay

22:45 – How likely is the Raiders' move to Las Vegas and how successful would it be long term?

29:50 – Who should the Rams hire as their next head coach?

41:00 – Schrager previews and predicts every game on the NFL schedule this weekend

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