Report: Joe Hawley now the official starting center in Tampa Bay

November 4, 2015

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were heading into the 2015 season all set with Evan Smith as their starting center.

Then, things took a bit of an interesting turn. After the Atlanta Falcons cut Joe Hawley before the season, the Buccaneers jumped at the chance to sign him. It wasn't long before Hawley got into the action after Smith suffered an injury.

Now, after five games as a starter, Sander Philipse of explains that the writing is on the wall for Hawley to be the official starter moving forward. He explains that the last two games that Hawley has started at center, Smith has been healthy for.

Well, one team's loss is another team's treasure, as Hawley will continue to be the man working directly with rookie Jameis Winston, as long as he can remain healthy it seems.