Pete Carroll thinks Steph Curry's maligned signature shoes are 'really awesome'

BY Andrew Lynch • June 13, 2016

If you needed any more evidence that Stephen Curry's latest shoes from Under Armour are the ultimate "dad" kicks, Pete Carroll is here to help.

The Seattle Seahawks coach took to Twitter on Monday to let the world know that he thinks the much-maligned "Chef" Curry 2 Low is a true piece of sneaker art:

It's a nice bit of life imitating Twitter jokes, as plenty of users predicted Carroll would love these shoes when they were first unveiled:

Carroll, who's something of a "dad shoe" connoisseur, could be looking to make an upgrade from his current footwear. Carroll joked back in May that the Seahawks trainers are trying to get him to move on from his current "Air Paternos":

You'll note that Carroll was modeling some newer Nikes in that photo from last month. Could we have a bidding war on our hands for Carroll's services, much like the famous duel between Nike and Under Armour for Curry's services?! ... yeah, probably not.

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